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Late night doodling. Inspired by my favourite 1 year old. ❤️
#drawing #pencilart #doodling #artoftheday #artworks_portrait
This one is for you @missmeds and @zephhr.  I couldn’t resist her.
#MissPippa #artwork #Sundayafternoon
Fenella Mc Duff goes for a walk in the woods.

@axklev_pa_ogarden #FenellaMcDuff #art #gouache #howimspendingtheday
Sydney Olympic Park 
Boxing Day 
End of year doesn’t just mean Christmas, shopping and lots of eating.  It also means you get a chance to look back and review at the year that was, and boy, wasn’t it a year (or two even)!

I have always been proud of my boys.  They are lucky to have a generally good grasp of academic pursuits, 
but in the face of all that we have have just endured, where learning online put the emphasis on their own volition to continue to study and persevere- they have outdone themselves and Nath and I are very proud of them both.

Personally, to see my sporty boys do well and be recognised for achievements in Music (Jake) and the Esto Vir Award for his year (Ali) ( ‘ESTO VIR’ – to be the best man you can be.- school motto and the award is given to those who exemplifies this spirit) is lovely. 
Well done @jakeaguirresmith and @smith_ali_41 ❤️❤️
Switched to pastels for a bit.
J. Oil Pastels on black paper.
#art #pastels #portrait #colour
Acrylic & Gouache on Black Paper
Inspired by Disney
#abstract #art #Disney
Acrylic & Gouache on black paper
Inspired by Disney
#abstractart #art #disney
Acrylic & Gouache on Black Paper
210mm x 297mm
Inspired y Disney
#abstract #painting #Disney
Acrylic & Gouache on black paper
Inspired by the Disney channel 
#abstract #painting #what2dowhenitrains
Sunday Afternoon session with the oil pastels on canvas paper.
Grey days call for vibrant colours.
#artinstagram #rainydays
Vitamin D Dose.
New favourite breakfast alert!!
Toasted muffin
Smashed avo (of course!)
Topped with Lemnos Crumbed Mediterranean Feta
Next best thing to sitting on a Santorini 🏖 Beach
#notsponsored #justyummy
Cosi and Milo.
#dogsofgrantpark #henleypark #greyhoundsofinstagram
One down. 
One to go.

Already feels weird being apart after being together for so long.

This guy would knock on my door and say “just checking on you” at least once a day over the last 4 months.

Gonna miss that and so much more.

#postlockdownblues #back2school #2021

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